The region of northern Cauca, has been for over 50 years a stronghold of the FARC. With the visit of President Santos to the town of Toribio on July 11, 2012, many situations came together to show the world that this area is far from being controlled, as the official media tell us.
As civilians, mostly ethnic Nasa indigenous and peasants, who are in the middle of armed conflict between state forces and guerrillas of the FARC, the indigenous authorities through the Indigenous Guard have decided to remove the armed groups in the area. They want no more war on their ancestral lands.
On Berlin hill, which dominates the landscape of the town of Toribio, the indigenous guard covered the trenches of the army, who control the area and protect cellular communication towers of a private company and also prevented two blockades of the main road of the region by the FARC.
The national government insists on not leaving the area and the guerrillas do not want to lose this strategic point as a drug outlet to the Pacific Ocean from the interior.
With all these elements, it is difficult to determine the outcome of this clash of armed forces and the strength of the civilian population, represented by its indigenous guard, equipped with courage and baton.