The idea of this project is to make visible a reality that more than four million people live in Colombia, especially in the department of Choco, thanks to the internal armed conflict and situations this causes, such as forced displacement.

Because of the war being waged in Colombia for over forty years, and with the participation of different guerrillas, paramilitary groups and the Colombian state itself, the civilian population has been paid to the price of this confrontation, it is the directly infringed on their rights and their lives, having to leave their living areas to escape the war.

The armed conflict in Colombia has done that about four million people displaced from their homes, going to cities where they have the possibility of having even basic services for survival.

They also found outside their homes, perhaps with missing relatives are dead or in a position of helplessness and vulnerability, do not have money or enough support to achieve a minimum subsistence and dignity in places where they achieve reach escape the conflict.

This reality is experienced in major capitals, as evidenced by its large shantytowns, whole neighborhoods made up of displaced populations in all regions, as well himself living, intermediate and small towns here in marginalized neighborhoods the provincial capital's most backward of the Colombia: Chocó.

In Quibdo, which is the capital of Choco, is where they come to stop many of those displaced by the violence of the areas near the river Atrato, and populations as far away as Santa Rosa, in the middle San Juan located many miles river.

Adding these issues to the Chocó has in its history with more resources from public funds lost through corruption in Colombia, there are no effective mechanisms by the Colombian state for serving this vulnerable population and it is concluded that the quality of life for displaced Chocoanos is very low or simply not given.