Awá indigenous people living in the southwest of Colombia, in the departments of Nariño and Putumayo, in the northwestern part of Ecuador.

Its territory is the scene of intense conflict between different legal and illegal armed groups, among which are the FARC, ELN, AUC, Colombia's National Army, emerging bands (BACRIM) and common criminals, who are fighting for control of territory for the mobility weapons, troops, drug output, in addition to illicit crops and smuggling of precursors for the production of drugs. Moreover, the territory of the Awa is rich in mineral and timber interests generated by industries involved in the extraction of these mega-crops and agro-industrial wealth, such as African Palm.

Under this view, the Awá people living since 2000 a situation of violation of their fundamental rights by all armed actors, legal and illegal and at risk of extinction if nothing is done at present.

The Awá people has undergone several massacres in the last year, where 40 indigenous Awá were killed, of which 28 occurred in three massacres (Feb. 4/10 in the reservation of Tortugaña Telembí, May 10/10 at the Resguardo Ñambí Piedra Verde and August 26/10 on the Resguardo Gran Rosario), two massive forced displacement (Tortugaña Telembí about 400 people, Gran Rosario approximately 300 people).

These photographs reflect his daily life with a constant invisible threat that lurks behind every tree in the jungle or any other meander of the river or bend in the road.

An invisible threat, because we all know that there are armed groups, but do not know when, where or who to affect their behavior.