Bagadó, Itsmina, warmth, conflict, Chocó, jungle humidity, pain, crying, sadness, bitterness, loneliness, separation, death.

Antonio Fósforo has been dead for several days, her sons and family gather to give his farewell in the village where he lived all his life: Bagadó, Chocó, Colombia.

Of all his relatives, a woman cries, it is not physically different from the other women who regret and accompany the deceased, but this is something special, this woman born to help people.

It is Pachapasmo (Francisca Córdoba Camacho) a traditional midwife Pacific Chocó.

She lives in Itsmina, the second largest city in the Chocó, where develops its activity more or less for 30 years.

On her hands have spent countless children, whose guidance has found his way to this land.