A return, A new hope


Due the colombian armed conflict, an entire town was displaced, now, they return to their land.

Civil society has paid the biggest price for the more than forty year war in Colombia and the corresponding battles among the guerrillas groups, the paramilitary groups and the Colombian state. Due to the forced displacement that accompanies the conflict, civil society has experienced massive violations to their rigths and lives. The Colombian armed conflict has displaced approximately four million people from their homes to the cities and municipal capitals, where the displaced do not even have access to basic services for survival.

This reality is evident in the principal cities of the country, where poverty stricken slums with displaced persons from all over the country dominate the landscape. This si also the case in the medium-sized cities of the country, such as Quibdó, Chocó, the focus of this essay. Chocó is one of the most neglected areas en all of Colombia.

The population of Tanguí, located 60 km from Quibdó via the Atrato river (The principal river in Chocó), was displaced in november of 2007 by FARC guerrillas. On january 8, 2008, after three months of living in shelters and relatives homes in the city of Quibdó, the community returned to their town with hopes that the conflict would not harm them ever again.