Since April of 2010 and half of 2011, Colombia has suffered the worst winter in its history, leaving approximately 3.7 million people affected in 29 of the 32 departments, 600 dead, 110 missing, 15,000 homes destroyed and incalculable material losses in large emergencies, as well as landslides and floods in urban centers.

In addition have been lost crops, cattle, productive lands, infrastructure, roads, water supply, even whole villages have disappeared.

This season is the result of the influence of La Nina phenomenon, which occurs at a frequency of 2 to 7 years interval and has been exacerbated by global warming. Periods of rain in the winter of 2010, together with the winter of 2011, making this the worst mischief that "Niña"has made in Colombia.

This photo essay is an approach to the victims of the Implacable "Niña" in various regions of Colombia.